Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 4: I See London, I See France, I See the Cliffs of Dover

I hate leaving London. It's terrible. Even going to Canterbury and then on to France cannot compensate for leaving London.
But I did love Canterbury in its own right.
Little cathedral towns are divine. They have skinny, windy, cobblestoned streets. They have darling tearooms. They have cathedrals.

I love all of these things.
Hannah and I went to the cutest tearoom with our London roommates Josey and Alyssa where I had delicious fudgy cake. Plus, I felt fairly British which is ALWAYS enjoyable.
Then we boarded the coach. Then we boarded the ferry. Then we traveled to France. I'm trying to say this as nonchalantly and Parisienne as possible.

Why? Because that's how the French do.
The only downside of the day was how much sleeping I did, I really hate trying to sleep on moving things. I hate it.
But highlights of the day included me looking like a teenage mutant ninja turtle as I tried to stay warm. I wish I had the picture is all I'll say.
Spending all but 1 pence of my British currency
Ordering Penne in French (yes, Penne is Italian)
Shane's puppy crush on Josey

Free WiFi at our French hotel
Hannah and I trying forever to take a good picture together
one of our epic fails
And the dragon/devil/pitchfork dragonfruit flavored gummies.

It was all a pretty tremendous day of travel when you get right down into the knitty gritty of it

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 3: Loving Me Some London 2011

Mornings can be rough, especially whilst traveling. Therefore, to brighten any day, I recommend traveling to the Royal Borough of Southwark. While you're in this Borough, go to Borough--market that is. (a slight warning, this may not literally brighten your day. keep in mind that you are still in the UK and as a charming side effect the odds that it is pouring outside are pretty high)
Why do I love Borough? I love food. AND when I embark on my "bohemian chic years" after college I hope to do what every person in Borough does every weekend--make delicious and interesting food and have a great time doing it.
Visiting Borough was like visiting old friends. There was the juice man, the nut men, the chorizo boys, ostrich burger ladies--not to mention my friends the food.

There was of course, one major downside--it started pouring rain. Even before I could take a decent picture with my heavenly chorizo. For those of you unfamiliar with this excellent sandwich let me break it down--
1 chorizo sausage, butterflied and grilled
1 piquillo pepper, warmed to serve your fancy
1 delicious handful of very fresh arugula
a drizzle of olive oil
All packed onto a freshly toasted portuguese roll.--Send me to heaven now--please.
I wish I had photographed it, but instead, be content with knowing that Southwark Cathedral sheltered me long enough to enjoy it.

The perfect "sunny" day in London should then lead you into Trafalgar Square to the National Gallery.
just one of my favorite works there
After seeing the Masterpieces, a smart person should go back to the hotel and take a nap. Me? I'm not smart so it was off to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Tudors. Oh, also this.

Then a visit to the V&A is required because it is beautiful.
Then continuing the cultured movement of the day, Hummus Bros is dinner. yum.
Finally, the only way to truly enjoy Britain is by doing something haunted. Like a Ghost Tour. Spooky, eerie, historic, and funny. Love those Brits.
"A thump and a scrape... a thump and a scrape..."
--Tour Guide

Best part of leaving the city on Friday night? Happy drunk people. We shared a carriage on the tube with some very interesting, very wasted adults.
"It's a mutiny of foreign children!"
--Very drunk lady on the tube

said it once, say it again. i love this city--no matter what!