Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i should probably be banned from blogging. I do however gain some solace in knowing that even though I never blog, I blog lots more than Leslie Paige Macfarlane. I keep telling myself that once I'm in college and have free time I'll post more often. I realize that this is a fantasy, but a girl can dream, right?

Monday, October 10, 2011

little things

I recently discovered this blog.
It is incredible.
That is all.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

cut loose

this is one of those posts that i don't really have time to write. but also one of those moments where i remind myself that i'm alive. i always start posts in my head and never commit them. so here's one, just a brief rant.

the new Footloose trailer is up. Of course I am extremely happy for the new Footloose because I loved the old one. Only problem is, I officially hate the girl in the new one. Why is it that the new Ren McCormack dresses exactly like Kevin Bacon dressed in the original but Julianne Hough has to wear half as many clothes as Lori Singer? Really guys, this is where the past thirty years have gotten us??
new guy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

get on your knees

I was reading The Times the other day. Shocking I know, who still READS?
And I got thinking about how sad I am that my favorite city is so torn apart right now.
I started writing a post in my head about how everyone should pray for London.
Then I turned on the telly (much more normal) and was flipping channels when I saw Anderson Cooper talking. I realized that maybe everyone should pray for Somalia instead. The images of children starving as they try to walk to the capital for help is shocking.
I kept watching CNN and I realized that maybe America could use some praying as well.
The moral of the story? No one is immune.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 4: I See London, I See France, I See the Cliffs of Dover

I hate leaving London. It's terrible. Even going to Canterbury and then on to France cannot compensate for leaving London.
But I did love Canterbury in its own right.
Little cathedral towns are divine. They have skinny, windy, cobblestoned streets. They have darling tearooms. They have cathedrals.

I love all of these things.
Hannah and I went to the cutest tearoom with our London roommates Josey and Alyssa where I had delicious fudgy cake. Plus, I felt fairly British which is ALWAYS enjoyable.
Then we boarded the coach. Then we boarded the ferry. Then we traveled to France. I'm trying to say this as nonchalantly and Parisienne as possible.

Why? Because that's how the French do.
The only downside of the day was how much sleeping I did, I really hate trying to sleep on moving things. I hate it.
But highlights of the day included me looking like a teenage mutant ninja turtle as I tried to stay warm. I wish I had the picture is all I'll say.
Spending all but 1 pence of my British currency
Ordering Penne in French (yes, Penne is Italian)
Shane's puppy crush on Josey

Free WiFi at our French hotel
Hannah and I trying forever to take a good picture together
one of our epic fails
And the dragon/devil/pitchfork dragonfruit flavored gummies.

It was all a pretty tremendous day of travel when you get right down into the knitty gritty of it

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 3: Loving Me Some London 2011

Mornings can be rough, especially whilst traveling. Therefore, to brighten any day, I recommend traveling to the Royal Borough of Southwark. While you're in this Borough, go to Borough--market that is. (a slight warning, this may not literally brighten your day. keep in mind that you are still in the UK and as a charming side effect the odds that it is pouring outside are pretty high)
Why do I love Borough? I love food. AND when I embark on my "bohemian chic years" after college I hope to do what every person in Borough does every weekend--make delicious and interesting food and have a great time doing it.
Visiting Borough was like visiting old friends. There was the juice man, the nut men, the chorizo boys, ostrich burger ladies--not to mention my friends the food.

There was of course, one major downside--it started pouring rain. Even before I could take a decent picture with my heavenly chorizo. For those of you unfamiliar with this excellent sandwich let me break it down--
1 chorizo sausage, butterflied and grilled
1 piquillo pepper, warmed to serve your fancy
1 delicious handful of very fresh arugula
a drizzle of olive oil
All packed onto a freshly toasted portuguese roll.--Send me to heaven now--please.
I wish I had photographed it, but instead, be content with knowing that Southwark Cathedral sheltered me long enough to enjoy it.

The perfect "sunny" day in London should then lead you into Trafalgar Square to the National Gallery.
just one of my favorite works there
After seeing the Masterpieces, a smart person should go back to the hotel and take a nap. Me? I'm not smart so it was off to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Tudors. Oh, also this.

Then a visit to the V&A is required because it is beautiful.
Then continuing the cultured movement of the day, Hummus Bros is dinner. yum.
Finally, the only way to truly enjoy Britain is by doing something haunted. Like a Ghost Tour. Spooky, eerie, historic, and funny. Love those Brits.
"A thump and a scrape... a thump and a scrape..."
--Tour Guide

Best part of leaving the city on Friday night? Happy drunk people. We shared a carriage on the tube with some very interesting, very wasted adults.
"It's a mutiny of foreign children!"
--Very drunk lady on the tube

said it once, say it again. i love this city--no matter what!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2: More of London

To wake up jet lag free is one of life's simplest pleasures. It's a sign of true accomplishment. Like you are a real world traveler. The other great thing about this morning is finding Crunchy Nut at breakfast. pure joy.
Boarding the coach was a little less desirable, I started to remember nightmarish rides out of London with Tony at the helm--but it wasn't too bad. In fact, it was everything I love about coach rides, getting right into things without walking.
After a fairly delightful city tour of my favorite place in the world, observed the changing of the guard and saw the Queen's home.

Then we ran across Green Park to catch a show. Again, a simple (if odd) pleasure. Running to a destination. We rushed across town via TFL and I felt like a native with my Oyster to get me through those turnstiles with lightening speed.
The show was All's Well that Ends Well at Shakespeare's Globe. Groundling tickets are 5 quid for the best seat in town, and the production was really good.
And, I saw the Slovers. Odd experience--but just goes to show how well traveled OH4 really is.
Indian for dinner plus a Mango Lassie--life's greatest beverage.
Post-dinner included the Cath Kidston pilgrimage, drooling at Harrod's, and traipsing through the old stomping grounds--Palace Court.

Visited Cafe Diana, no. 27, and Kensington Gardens. AND what should we find at Kensington but Prince William and Kate's first official event as a married couple. Awesome.

Rode the tube home exhaustedly, only to remember--oh right. I love this town.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1: London 2011

I have spent the past several days contemplating how best to blog my big European adventure. Finally I settled on making each day a separate post. So as to keep from boring the reader, and also so I hopefully don't lose momentum.
What you need to know is that I left on a jet plane, major Peter, Paul and Mary style. It was great. I am one of few people in the world who truly enjoys airports and airplanes--they mean that you're doing something exciting, you're doing something with your life. But this full day on an airplane hardly counts as a day of adventure,
First thing to know, always mark your suitcase clearly and visibly. Maybe even obnoxiously. This is key in preventing Peter Nash from stealing your bag away--like he stole Hannah's. In the event Peter Nash does take your things, you will have to frantically search Heathrow Terminal 4. In all the hustle, it's likely that Mrs. McConnell will leave her bag behind. This will cause more frantic searching. Basically, watch your luggage.
Then, if you're anything like our group your tour guide will be missing. Then you will finally get in contact with EF, only to have a flustered British man tell you that you have missed your transfer to the hotel--by three minutes. *barf*
"The only thing I like about this man is his accent"

Then, Mrs. McConnell will probably leave her suitcase again
"Um, Mrs. McConnell? Your suitcase is on the elevator..."

It will be a rough morning. But when you finally make it into the city--it's worth it. There is Royal Wedding Paraphernalia. And a very attractive Australian tour director who sparks quite a flurry
"There is two dimensional art, and then there is three dimensional art"
--Mrs. McConnell

Oh, don't forget that you're in LONDON. And don't miss being excited when dinner turns out to be Yaki Soba at Wagamama's. In fact, crying is a totally normal response after waiting SO long for those noodles.
Day 1 in London? Total success.

the city i love

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rules

The top twenty things any aspiring world tourist needs to know before and as they see the world.

1. If you see it, and you want it, get it.

2. Don't say you'll do it later, you won't.

3. No calorie counting.

4. Don't drink water--you'll have to pee.

5. Always choose chocolate.

6. Watch your wrists.

7. Married men are off limits.

8. Apply deodorant... then reapply.

9. Don't fly with Peter Nash.

10. Never say never.

11. Be Mormon slutty.

12. Asians and scaffolding equal importance.

13. Don't stay in restaurants that smell like portopotties.

14. If the boys are drinking it--it has alcohol.


16. Remember, camels spit.

17. Reapplication of sunscreen is key.

18. [Enter city name] is very safe, but...

19. Superglue explodes.

20. If you plan on making friends, be sure you can drive to wherever they live.

Monday, June 06, 2011

one day more

Tomorrow. 5 a.m. Two cars, three bags, one glorious airplane. Then I'll be there! (well, after a two hour underground transit... i mean really, who stays in WEMBLEY PARK??) Beside the point. What matters is that I will be here.

Oh and soon after I will be here.

It gets better. I will then be here.

Oh, I even get to spend a day here.

This trip will be so good. I'll even take some pictures of my own so I can stop robbing from other people... oops. Just know, that if I don't blog, it is because I am having the greatest time--ever.

Oh. I still love Enjolras BTW.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I just read my last post about all my hopes for a normal tan. ha. Like that would happen, I am cherry tomato red all over my back and it hurts. I always take things for granted, like being able to wear a shirt without pain--never knew that it could be so painful.
My back is pretty much this color

Summering fail.

But, other than that it was a very good day. I even got to see dear Paigey for her 17th birthday which is crazy to think about. My little Paj who didn't want to turn 12 is so old. Glad that we're still friends. I love this girl.

Friday, June 03, 2011

ways to know that summer has begun

#1. Get your first sunburn. All over your face and in an awkward line on your neck because chef coats are not conducive to properly tanning. What makes this even better? Of course I had to burn the day before a trip to Seven Peaks with Alexis Bosco--a venture on which I could get a perfectly normal swimsuit line...dang it. I wish my skin would tan normally.

#2. Watch the Scripp's National Spelling Bee on ESPN. Then start wondering why your parents didn't force you to be such an intelligent geek--then thank your parents. Like poor Victoria, whose mom moved her across town so that she could continue to participate in the national spelling bee. Awesome. I'm jealous. Good news, I've decided on a future profession. I want to be the guy who reads the words for the contestants to spell. I just hope I can keep a straight face.

#3. Helping with a barbecue and salsa contest. (see sunburn...)

#4. Hike the Y. Wondering the whole way up why you're hiking the Y, especially since you hate hiking. Oh well, still worth it, and very fun.

First week in a nutshell. Seven Peaks today. Here's hoping for a normal tan--oh, and I leave for Europe so soon! Be jealous.

Also, you should probably be jealous that you don't burn like this...

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Memorial Day

Why do I love Memorial Day?
I love America.
I love war movies, dramas, and stories.
I love war heroes weekend on AMC.
I love my family.
I love BBQ's. (first hamburgers of the season)
I love Charlotte buying a new car after she murdered my van (if anyone has a spare engine, let me know)
But mostly, I just love summer, and Memorial Day is the start of summer (even when it's pouring rain and freezing cold)

I found my video from our fifth grade Patriotic Pageant. I'm not posting it though--don't even ask.

God Bless America and whatnot.

Monday, May 30, 2011

i learn!

So I love this song. So much. It is beautiful. The only thing that makes it better is that it also makes me feel intellectual. As a child, I was required to watch educational videos every summer. I went through stages, the longest stage was definitely King Arthur. Honestly, I probably know more about Arthurian legend than any other teenage girl in the country. Because how could I not be? The story is beautiful, as is the language, the heartbreak--the works. My personal favorite is the Lady of Shalott. A somewhat insignificant part which also happens to be the most beautifully heartbreaking story of all time.
Imagine how thrilled I was to learn that a beautiful song like this one, shares this beautiful story for a video... For complete appreciation, here is the Tennyson poem...

And the J. Williams Waterhouse painting...

Go, appreciate.

Also, since we're sharing beauty, I went to the A.D. and Friends concert at Muse last night. Admittedly, I left before A.D. played, but I thought all the bands did a really great job. A very appropriate beginning of summer concert. Camel in the Headlights was especially good, although I am partial since I'm their manager of sorts... anyways, like them on facebook, they're preetty talented and they write their own stuff (gotta love that)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


As promised, a partial at the very least Prom Blog. I had so. much. fun. Our group was super, I had the best time with my bestie J oh, and my date was pretty sharp also. Picnic in the canyon/ time spent making fun of Caroline's lack of foot-eye coordination is always time well spent.
Then the Provo Beach Resort which I'd never visited but now hope to frequent. It's such a cute little idea, oh and Kyle and I are pretty much profesh at Wheel of Fortune.
Then rushing through the rain to get my hair done. I loved sitting next to Tressa at the salon, she thought I was crazy, and I was--but I had a vision! And the saint who fixed my hair matched it, in fact, my hair was the greatest in the world...
Then Pizza Factory for dinner, what a smart choice boys, gotta love Pizza for Prom. And, you gotta love the charming little girls that thought we were princesses. Loved this girl who told J she looked like Tiana. Jess: "Is it because she's the only one who isn't white?"
And the dance. Who could forget the dance? Everyone looked pretty stellar, and it was definitely fun!
Good night...

classic struggling boutonniere shot

Happy Summer Harry

It's finally setting in... finally. I don't have to go to school until August 22. (well, i do have summer school but that doesn't really count). What matters is the incandescent happiness I get from summertime. I never wish for winter. Never. If it was always June I couldn't be happier. AND I have lots to look forward to this summer.

1. Atonement. Reading the book, watching the film, becoming cultured. It's a big project and I am very excited.
2. Going to the Carolina Coast (hopefully!). Even though London is my favorite place in the world and Provo is home, N.C. is heaven. Possibly literally. At any rate, I have big plans for this year; I will run to the lighthouse (hopefully), eat my weight in Calabash seafood, read beautiful summery literature, write poetry like a true romantic, take photographs I will later convince myself are lovely, and soak up the hot wet heat. I'm even holding a Nicholas Sparks marathon event (Since I'm sure you're reading this Les, you are guest number one).
3. I'm going to organize my life so that I will be the world's greatest student come fall.
4. The movie list shall be resurrected.
5. Heavenly literature will be read whenever possible.
6. All possible Twilight Concert Series concerts will be attended.
7. The Pass of All Passes will be good and used.
8. Delectable food will be both prepared and eaten.
9. Pasty white skin will get a tan-like glow.
10. Dancing in the rain will happen.
11. Popsicles will be eaten.
12. Childhood will be revisited.
13. Oh, and Europa will be conquered. By me obv. London, Paris, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Costa del Sol, Morocco, Lisbon. Towns, prepare to be painted. What could possibly make this trip even better? Going on an Art History trip, clearly I will explore the great museums--National Gallery, Louvre, Orsay, Prado whilst feeling glamorous. Think Roman Holiday. Minus the Gregory Peck business. Still, nothing could be finer.

Essentially, I have BIG plans this summer. The biggest. Like celestial sized, and it WILL be the greatest summer of my life. How could it not be? For heaven's sakes, I AM ALIVE and I feel so full of life, almost like I can't be fenced in...

So far this summer has already been celebrated and that thought makes me really happy. I have failed to get much sleep, but honestly sleep feels super overrated. Next years Student Government has thoroughly bonded at our retreat and at our own All-Night Party. Paige and I visited J. Dawgs. And I realized that I am marrying Hugo from Bye Bye Birdie. Scratch that, I am moving to Bye Bye Birdie. How fabulous would that be?

Before I get too nostalgic allow me to share some stock photos which will get anyone in the mood...

Also... PROM blog FINALLY on the way

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

layering our flavors...

I.O.U. a real post. But, in the meantime, enjoy the eyebrow dynamics of Miss Caroline Macfarlane...

Saturday, April 02, 2011


I've been wondering lately why I don't post more often. Then I realized that in the spirit of flipping everything to make myself a better person I should ask why I post as frequently as I do. I certainly don't have to. In fact, my thoughts to the world are a gift. Therefore, I am an extremely generous person for writing this post. If only the world really worked that way. I probably should have posted already because I have BIG news.


Probably the most exciting thing I've ever done. The sad thing is that that's not actually an exaggeration.

I didn't realize that ProStart is actually a pretty big deal, and being able to say that I am going to compete in a national cooking competition is dang sweet. So I'll say it, I'm going to compete in a national cooking competition. It's very frustrating to spend hours a day to make it perfect, but I know it will pay off, and I'm very excited for that to happen. So, in the spirit of the PHS Culinary Competition team

Monday, March 07, 2011

welcome to my life

i am extremely tired. i am extremely stressed. i super do not want to write my mock trial questions right now, (we're up against Judge Memorial tomorrow) and I super do not want to practice my knife cuts right now (state Pro-Start is on Thursday). pretty much, i want to go eat some yaki soba at Wagamama's, spend a few hours in the NatGal, and go see Les Mis on the West End. THAT would be delightful. however, i need to start delighting in my life in Provo. I'm trying, i promise.

here's to hoping 3rd Term ends SOON!