Friday, July 09, 2010

Home is where the heart is

This is belated. 14 days after the fact is little late for a welcome home post. It's even later if you consider I haven't blogged since Edinburgh. But the amount of time I've been home does NOT lessen my joy to be back. I love London. Maybe more than Provo. Definitely more than life itself. But not more than I LOVE my friends, my own bed, my cats, my house, my home, my country, my closet, all my favorite restaurants, and did I mention my family??

The first thing we did in Utah? See Alyssa Weist, what else? Her whole family was waiting for her brother to get back from his mission when we came down the escalator at SLC International Airport. Having a welcome party? Greatest feeling ever.

The next thing we did in Utah? JCW's of course. I'd been having dreams about these cheeseburgers for about six months and I almost cried when I tasted my first bite of grilled perfection. I also almost cried when Charlotte informed me that due to the new health plan, America outlawed unlimited refills. NOT FUNNY CHAR!

I also almost cried when we pulled up to my house to see a car parked out front. I love Paige Kate Handley. And Tickle-Me-Elmo's. I finally possess one now which added to the teary eyes for sure. Staying up to talk to Paige, Eric, BJ, and Davis was great except it felt like 4 a.m. which wasn't too great.

I loved waking up the next morning in my own bed and feeling like I was finally back where I belonged. I loved seeing everyone AGAIN on Saturday night and my first date... and I love Eliza Ringer and that she can somehow hit the sweep with her bowling ball TWICE.

Mostly I loved traveling with my mom.

The whole thing felt reminiscent of our October 2010 Disneyland vacation. A.K.A. the funnest trip of my life. We also did our best to rewrite Party in the U.S.A. (our fave song)

I hopped off the plane at JFK with my mom and her cardigan....

I'll spare you the rest..

This concludes my post. For the sake of length I will attempt to keep my posts to a minimum. Please scroll up for a continuation of my life back in the U.S. of A.

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