Saturday, April 02, 2011


I've been wondering lately why I don't post more often. Then I realized that in the spirit of flipping everything to make myself a better person I should ask why I post as frequently as I do. I certainly don't have to. In fact, my thoughts to the world are a gift. Therefore, I am an extremely generous person for writing this post. If only the world really worked that way. I probably should have posted already because I have BIG news.


Probably the most exciting thing I've ever done. The sad thing is that that's not actually an exaggeration.

I didn't realize that ProStart is actually a pretty big deal, and being able to say that I am going to compete in a national cooking competition is dang sweet. So I'll say it, I'm going to compete in a national cooking competition. It's very frustrating to spend hours a day to make it perfect, but I know it will pay off, and I'm very excited for that to happen. So, in the spirit of the PHS Culinary Competition team

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  1. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever delete your blog. It is too cool.