Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dude, I love the Olympics

And I always have. Heck, I always will. There are only two kinds of people I can't get along with in this world, those who hate the UN and those who hate the Olympics. Because they're both great, and they both serve this idea of positive globalization. I mean, if we ever achieve world peace, I think the Olympics will be a major part of it. Even the ancient Greeks got behind not caring about races and nationalities--even though they hated each other. True, it's short lived, and there is still bad stuff happening in the world, but for at least a minute, it feels like problems dissolve. I also love to see and hear about these nations I didn't know existed, like, Vanuatu or Tuvala. And I love the ceremony of the whole thing. And I love watching sports that I would not watch usually, like competitive table tennis or judo. Mostly, I love to see a whole nation embrace their team. I love to feel the whole country striving to support our athletes... Let's face it, the Olympics are sort of magical. And who are we to question magic? (and I'm not only saying this because the most magical city in the world is hosting them.

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