Friday, February 15, 2013

why does everyone want me to be single and fat....?

and other completely valid Valentine's questions. Let me begin by explaining something that I feel really needs to be said: I'm not one of those sad, wallowing, 'why will nobody love me' kinds of girls. Full disclosure, I'm a little anti-relationship. But really how does candy fix anything? "Oh, I'm so sorry that you have no boy to dote upon you, have some sugar." Seriously? This is the real problem with Valentine's Day -- we have perpetuated this myth that anyone has anything to wallow over if they're alone on one single day. It's a lie. Life is hard, move on. Listen to this cutie, he knows his stuff:
Next question: isn't the whole point of this thing that you loved your significant other just as much yesterday and you will love them just as much tomorrow? So why does everyone need to do something out of the ordinary? If you love somebody, fine, more power to you, but please, for the love of the Dalai Lama, be consistent. If you love someone so much you want to buy them flowers do it everyday or every week or whenever you feel like it. I guess I feel bad for everyone who receives such canned love on the one day of the year, who really wants that?

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