Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Love With the 80's

If you've ever discussed music with me, you probably know that I love Relient K. I also love the 80's making this song effectively my anthem. This past Saturday night, I went to an 80's themed stake dance, which was actually right up my ally.

I can't decide if this was better or not as good as Stake Dances in Provo. It was better because let's face it. I hate stake dances. I abhor them. Every since the fiasco at the August 2009 back to school dance where everything went downhill I have steered clear. But this dance was a horse of a different color. I had the best time. It was fun to dress up and be 80's and goof around and spend time with the kids in the ward here. I love them all and will really miss them in a few months, even though I haven't known them very long.

But this stake dance was also not quite as good. I had fun it is true and I don't usually back home which should make this the best stake dance ever. But it was weird to be at a stake dance with so few people, stake dances back home are packed! But it is probably a good thing that there were less people. Who needs them anyways?

At any rate, I'm not hesitant to throw it away to fall in love.... with the 80's.

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