Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm the blog boss. Keep that in mind. Also, rules are made to be broken. For that reason, I'm writing many (belated) posts in one day.
I have good reason, Wednesday was Laurel's Night and it was very fun. We ate tortellini, we played What If, we had a decent turn-out. It was shaping up to be a great night. Then we had this scheme: what if we go steal the cookies from Priest's Night down the street? Good plan right? We sneaked down, took their cookies and left our what ifs in place of the cookies. Then, Brother Cochran (new public enemy #1) snitched on us. We sprinted into Catie's house and barricaded ourselves. Soon, we found ourselves under siege. In my defense, my strategy was to ignore the boys, start one of our films and forget about all of this business until we next saw them. But no, retaliation was on the agenda for the day... which boiled down to us losing.
They raided our fort. Which of course meant we had to go down to get our stuff back... it lasted a very long time. Finally, things were resolved with a treaty between Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill and Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo (for full disclosure on who was who, just ask). But by then it was too late to start a film which meant that we had brief "girl-talk".
Yes, life is now very much like WWII, don't worry, as I kept reminding the boys--the Allies win.
This is all beside the point.
1. Leeds Castle The volcano day trip. We only got to go because of Eyjafjallajökull. Yet I another reason I love this blessed volcano. This was a very beautiful country castle estate. We were even there for the tulip festival which was incredible.

2. The Beatles Maybe cliche. But I would argue that everything in the last 50 years branches from this band. Everyone either loves the Beatles or hates the Beatles and willfully tries to avoid them. Can the latter people really not see that trying not to be like the Beatles is still the Beatles' influence? At any rate, I love them. I loved Liverpool 30% because of them. They're swell.

and my endorsement of iTunes... also swell

3. Read more. Yet another list, because hey, why not?? I used to read all the time. Seriously a book a day. I never read anymore. Not even for school because we spend practically a term per novel. It's a problem. Luckily my frenemies at the College Board have my back, with this list.

[if you can read this, it means Leeds pictures are on the way, I've been struggling uploading photos. check back!]


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  2. The allies may have won, but they never got Hitler. If it says I said something, but deleted it, that is true. I used a foolish version of the word "won" in the previous comment... And you forgot to mention that we sang a song of repentance for our misdeeds, and were then forgiven.