Sunday, May 29, 2011


As promised, a partial at the very least Prom Blog. I had so. much. fun. Our group was super, I had the best time with my bestie J oh, and my date was pretty sharp also. Picnic in the canyon/ time spent making fun of Caroline's lack of foot-eye coordination is always time well spent.
Then the Provo Beach Resort which I'd never visited but now hope to frequent. It's such a cute little idea, oh and Kyle and I are pretty much profesh at Wheel of Fortune.
Then rushing through the rain to get my hair done. I loved sitting next to Tressa at the salon, she thought I was crazy, and I was--but I had a vision! And the saint who fixed my hair matched it, in fact, my hair was the greatest in the world...
Then Pizza Factory for dinner, what a smart choice boys, gotta love Pizza for Prom. And, you gotta love the charming little girls that thought we were princesses. Loved this girl who told J she looked like Tiana. Jess: "Is it because she's the only one who isn't white?"
And the dance. Who could forget the dance? Everyone looked pretty stellar, and it was definitely fun!
Good night...

classic struggling boutonniere shot

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