Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1: London 2011

I have spent the past several days contemplating how best to blog my big European adventure. Finally I settled on making each day a separate post. So as to keep from boring the reader, and also so I hopefully don't lose momentum.
What you need to know is that I left on a jet plane, major Peter, Paul and Mary style. It was great. I am one of few people in the world who truly enjoys airports and airplanes--they mean that you're doing something exciting, you're doing something with your life. But this full day on an airplane hardly counts as a day of adventure,
First thing to know, always mark your suitcase clearly and visibly. Maybe even obnoxiously. This is key in preventing Peter Nash from stealing your bag away--like he stole Hannah's. In the event Peter Nash does take your things, you will have to frantically search Heathrow Terminal 4. In all the hustle, it's likely that Mrs. McConnell will leave her bag behind. This will cause more frantic searching. Basically, watch your luggage.
Then, if you're anything like our group your tour guide will be missing. Then you will finally get in contact with EF, only to have a flustered British man tell you that you have missed your transfer to the hotel--by three minutes. *barf*
"The only thing I like about this man is his accent"

Then, Mrs. McConnell will probably leave her suitcase again
"Um, Mrs. McConnell? Your suitcase is on the elevator..."

It will be a rough morning. But when you finally make it into the city--it's worth it. There is Royal Wedding Paraphernalia. And a very attractive Australian tour director who sparks quite a flurry
"There is two dimensional art, and then there is three dimensional art"
--Mrs. McConnell

Oh, don't forget that you're in LONDON. And don't miss being excited when dinner turns out to be Yaki Soba at Wagamama's. In fact, crying is a totally normal response after waiting SO long for those noodles.
Day 1 in London? Total success.

the city i love

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