Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2: More of London

To wake up jet lag free is one of life's simplest pleasures. It's a sign of true accomplishment. Like you are a real world traveler. The other great thing about this morning is finding Crunchy Nut at breakfast. pure joy.
Boarding the coach was a little less desirable, I started to remember nightmarish rides out of London with Tony at the helm--but it wasn't too bad. In fact, it was everything I love about coach rides, getting right into things without walking.
After a fairly delightful city tour of my favorite place in the world, observed the changing of the guard and saw the Queen's home.

Then we ran across Green Park to catch a show. Again, a simple (if odd) pleasure. Running to a destination. We rushed across town via TFL and I felt like a native with my Oyster to get me through those turnstiles with lightening speed.
The show was All's Well that Ends Well at Shakespeare's Globe. Groundling tickets are 5 quid for the best seat in town, and the production was really good.
And, I saw the Slovers. Odd experience--but just goes to show how well traveled OH4 really is.
Indian for dinner plus a Mango Lassie--life's greatest beverage.
Post-dinner included the Cath Kidston pilgrimage, drooling at Harrod's, and traipsing through the old stomping grounds--Palace Court.

Visited Cafe Diana, no. 27, and Kensington Gardens. AND what should we find at Kensington but Prince William and Kate's first official event as a married couple. Awesome.

Rode the tube home exhaustedly, only to remember--oh right. I love this town.

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